3 thoughts on “Mendocino County supervisors holding special meeting on “critical water shortage” Tuesday Aug. 24

  1. The PG&E Settlement Funds were supposed to mitigate problems related to the horrific wildfire in Redwood Valley. Instead the BOS is going to use them to send more than a hundred water trucks a day round trip from the valley to Mendocino and back in order to prop up Mendocino’s tourist industry (generating more carbon and climate crisis in the process). Many if not most houses in Mendocino Village are rentals. Meanwhile lots of wells are going dry everywhere. Why is there only a special program to subsidize water hauling for Mendocino Village? Is it because it’s property owners are the wealthiest people in the county? Is it because they generate the most revenue for the county? Could it have something to do with Supervisor Williams living there?

  2. Just imagine if the Governor that’s up for Recall had used the billions for a failed bullet train project had invested in water storage, tanks, fire fighting equipment, etc…

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