One thought on “Victim in Bell Springs Road homicide identified; accused suspect returns to court next week

  1. I take the changing of the name of Fort Bragg personally. Fort Bragg is the town that I grew up in. Fort Bragg is my heritage and I am proud of my heritage and being part of Fort Bragg. We never had slaves, nor did anyone else have slaves in Fort Bragg.

    Changing the name of Fort Bragg would be like someone asking me to change my name because some long lost relative had done something negative in the past. Since I had nothing to do with that long lost relative and since it was way in past I certainly would not be willing to change my name because someone found my name to be the same as that long lost relative. The same principle applies here. Braxton Bragg died in 1869 a very very long time ago. He never set foot in Fort Bragg so he was never part of the people or the community of Fort Bragg. Many people did not even know who Braxton Bragg was. He was never honored nor was he celebrated. Fort Bragg did not ever recognize Braxton Bragg in any manner or fashion.

    Fort Bragg DOES represent an upstanding and rich cultural community that has existed for over 100 years. Fort Bragg represents the industrious logging and fishing people of this special coastal community. It is these people that we wish the honor.. It is the community that they created called Fort Bragg that we wish to honor.

    So when you attempt to change the name of Fort Bragg you are insulting me and you are insulting my family and the families of many of my friends who made a Fort Bragg their home. You are directly insulting them.

    Our history is a proud history and I will not let any supposed ‘cancel culturist’ destroy my heritage and my fond memories and destroy a town that I am proud to call my home.

    We were not part of a time in history that you choose to resurrect to damn the name of a town that had no connection to events of the past. You are denigrating and disparaging those honorable men and women that created and built the beautiful community of Fort Bragg. Leave these people alone and leave Fort Bragg alone.

    The past is exactly that… the past.

    Leave the past in the past and move forward with your life. Don’t attempt to destroy the lives of the great residents of Fort Bragg because you found a man named Braxton Bragg that died over 100!years ago, never set foot once in Fort Bragg and had been involved he Confederate army This man is LONG DEAD and does not now nor ever has represented the values of the people of Fort Bragg.

    Fort Bragg DOES represent ME and my family and many other respectable people of the Mendocino Coast.

    So instead of insulting the people of Fort Bragg and their families and people that built Fort Bragg into the spectacular town and community that it is today I ask that you let the past go, celebrate Fort Bragg for the wonderful town and people that it is today.

    Don’t whitewash history, learn from it and move on, move forward, but above all don’t insult me, as I take such insults very seriously. I will defend my town and I will defend my towns people and I will defend the my long family heritage in the beautiful town called Fort Bragg.


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