4 thoughts on “Mendocino County surge limited to unvaccinated people: Miller Report for June 7

  1. Thank you for responding directly to comments you received from readers. I think it’s helpful. It sounds less theoretical and more person-to-person. And it sounds like we’re being acknowledged.

  2. The endless lies.

    I know for a fact one of the hospitalized at Ukiah was “fully vaccinated.” Yeah, “insider information.”

    Claiming the “unvaccinated” are causing these “surges” is just an effort to establish Medical Apartheid against those who won’t take the sham “vaccines.”

    Doctors and legit scientists from The Resistance warned us the “vaccines” would cause these surges months ago, and now they’re here.

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for your comments. To be clear, when we say that the vaccine is 95% effective, that means that there will still be 5% (1 out of 20) of vaccinated people who become symptomatic. The majority of those people who do become symptomatic, 85% in fact, only have mild to moderate symptoms. That means that 15% of the 1 out of 20 still go on to have serious symptoms and may in deed end up hospitalized. Thus, the risk of hospitalization for a vaccinated person who gets COVID is 0.75% (15% of the 5% group who get symptomatic).

      Compare this to the risk of hospitalization for an unvaccinated person with the delta variant, which is 24% according to a study out of Scotland published earlier this month. for comparison, the prior variant in California, epsilon, carried a 12% risk of hospitalization.

      No on is saying that a vaccinated person cannot get very sick, get hospitalized or die. However, the likelihood of that happening is vastly smaller than for an unvaccinated person.

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