10 thoughts on “Activists cancel supervisors’ tour of Jackson Forest because Cal Fire invited

  1. That slash pile sure loos like a fire hazard to me. And is that not gorse growing in the background? Gorse should be removed, not fire-proof redwoods! But there’s no profit in that. Investigate! What is Cal Fire thinking removing carbon sequestering redwoods, and why does Cal Fire have the right to “set up” redwood trees as a “demonstration forest”, using as examples practices that are outdated and questionable at the very least?
    I find it interesting that they think THEY “set up” the forest somehow but it was there thousands of years before they were born. Pure hubris.

    • They’re demonstrating 2nd growth forestry management as a state held property, for the rest of the states privately held forest lands. You mistake this forest for natural unaltered lands, and not as being encumbered by legacy issues from historic logging of old growth. They have a plan to improve the land and demonstrate different zones over the entire property. All while obeying the worlds most strict forest practice rules for environmental protection and sustainability.

  2. The failure of the tour shows that the coalition just wanted to trash talk Calfire. Fortunately Supervisor Gjerde has seen that before and invited Calfire to defend itself thereby thwarting the coalitions trash talking efforts. The coalition couldn’t handle being fact checked in real time. This is not a decades long fight over logging but a fight that breaks out every decade or so whenever a harvest plan is proposed in some folks favorite recreation area. I imagine JDSF saw this coming to some extent. What the coalition doesn’t want to accept is that JDSF is mandated by legislation to demonstrate forest management. CalFire can not decide to no longer do logging or other practices on it’s own. If the coalition wants to change how the forest is managed, they should work to change the legislation.
    As far as the Caspar 500 THP area, it is closed to recreation and has security people at the entrances and notices up. All those in that area are not recreationists but protesters trying to stop a legal harvest operation and foolishly putting themselves at risk of serious injury and now complaining of the danger. I get it; some people don’t like trees being cut. But there are right ways and wrong ways to fight that. And I see this coalition doing it all the wrong ways.

  3. Sounds like Gjerde invited CalFire despite knowing they were unwelcome. Then he insisted that they be included or he wouldn’t attend the meeting. That’s not a reasonable approach, that’s deliberately ruining the meeting. He wasted everyone’s time including the other supervisors.

  4. Demonstrating logging for one industry to “learn”? How is that fair to the rest of us? The redwoods sequester carbon for all of us, and there are plenty of people who think they should be preserved, not cut. So how does the state get off claiming a forest is a “demonstration” forest for a private business interest that further impacts everyone else? Look at the farmers, who are now being told there will be no water. That is because of global warming, no doubt, and global warming comes from cutting trees that sequester carbon, among other causes. Why is the state demonstrating practices that further stupidly impact our world?

    • These are the same ‘trees sequester carbon’ people who are the almond-milk-swilling virtue-signal scolds protesting almond farmers in California. It’s trees for we but not for thee. ‘Your trees don’t sequester carbon but ours do’ ‘Trust the Science’. Come on man.

  5. Trail Stewards Response: 1. We are pursuing legislative change; 2: We have engaged Cal Fire and they come back at us with reams of papers assembled with hours paid for by the harvesting of timber while we are forced to do this on our volunteered time; 3: They are not following CEQA protocols in their THPs but there is no one to enforce the violations but arduous and expensive citizen actions in the courts; 4: Dan Gjerde had already had a tour by Cal Fire ; 5: logging consumes substantial amounts of water and produces vast amounts of CO2 in the middle of a drought and climate emergency; 6: We are not afraid of engaging with them, but we have a framework that must be agreed to, including prior notice and inclusion of all coalition partners. We were given ten minutes notice that they were going to be present.
    Anybody who questions what we assert should drive to where the pavement ends on Road 409 and walk north. It is a tinderbox waiting for a match, bone dry with the trees on the periphery withering in the hot wind, all less than 200 yards from residences. It is not in any way a healthy forest, and with the drought, will not be again for many years, if ever.

  6. Only YOU can prevent forrest fires…by properly managing the forests. These neo-liberal Marxists’ playbook is always the same; silence all opposition by any means. Then blind the rest with non-science (nonsense). Notice their new talking point is ‘trees sequester carbon’. These are the same almond-milk swilling virtue signal scolds who protest almond orchards. Anyone else noticing a pattern?

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