4 thoughts on “Kyra Rice asks legislators for one year moratorium on logging in Jackson Forest (letter-to-the-editor)

    • Charlene please go to the Mendocino Trail Stewards website to sign our petition:

  1. Well Kyra is certainly entitled to her opinion however wrong and baseless they are. Just because one doesn’t like forest management doesn’t mean that it isn’t sustainable or outdated or that it doesn’t take current conditions into account. How would she possibly know that any harvest would mean “huge profits” for the companies involved? She doesn’t just like she doesn’t know about the reality of most of her other statements. Many people enjoy the beauty of Jackson Demonstration State Forest, along with the flowing creeks & rivers, rustic camping, and challenging trails. All of these a result of decades of their management and nature of course. If this isn’t sustainable than you show me an example of what is and spare me the baseless statements like cutting a few big trees is going to destroy the ecosystem, increase fire danger and worsen global warming and the drought. This forest was acquired to demonstrate sustainable forest management and it has been doing so successfully, telling by how many people are enjoying it. It will continue to do so given the opportunity.

    • Sorry but isn’t this a public forest? So why are companies profiting again? I’m confused. Anyone cutting an old growth tree.. or rather second generation because the original old growth has already been logged.., is out of touch. The region has a drought issue. If anyone was thinking they would stop cutting today. I also cannot fathom how someone can say industrial logging doesn’t destroy everything in its path. Take a look at Oregon.. that’s where you’re headed. Get out there with a horse and one man crosscut saw.. tell me how it goes.

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