2 thoughts on “Dr. Miller’s report on COVID-19: The storm approaches

  1. No it isn’t. The right thing to do. Per capita there is a lot fewer beds here for our community. Because those liberals in the city’s didn’t want to adhere to guidelines they are giving themselves this problem. Now our neighbors might die when they need a hospital bed because you have it away to someone from afar. Not to mention the half ass backwards tiers for the vaccine. You would think that even in the general population you would vaccinate the high risk youth first. Your vaccinating old people before you vaccinate a 18 year old born with diabetes. That’s insane. Every order that has been given to us from government officials has been back a forth. First no masks then wear masks. People look at me like I am paranoid and I have heard it come out of people’s mouths as I walk by for wearing a respirator in public. Yes our government officials are now talking about body bags and mass casualty plans. I hope the citizens wake up to how little this government cares about them. They don’t care if you die. They don’t. You are just a wheel in the cog to them.

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