Jennifer Kreger speaks against big-box stores in Ft. Bragg (letter-to-the-editor)


2 thoughts on “Jennifer Kreger speaks against big-box stores in Ft. Bragg (letter-to-the-editor)

  1. I’m originally from the a small town in the southern states. I watched my town, and many of the surrounding town turn to ghost towns because of big box stores. Please Fort bragg, don’t make the same mistakes.

  2. If we wanted to live in an impoverished town full of big box stores I imagine we’d all move to junky Ukiah.
    Dirty. Smelly. Rundown Ukiah.
    These places pay less than others to employees with no benefits offered, and never work anyone over 20 hrs a week. That is not a living wage.
    They are not unionized either.
    They are just throwaway junk emporiums catering to the poorest among us.
    Why would anyone want them in Fort Bragg? There’s a grocery outlet in Willits and every big box store you could want in Ukiah. A short bus ride away

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