2 thoughts on “Silent Storm: The Lack of Information on Fish and Wildlife Marijuana Raids in Humboldt County (opinion)

  1. If you are not in fish and wildlife’s program connected to county Cannabis laws you are not able to use any water for cannabis. Spring water and river water in prohibited and storage from a permitted well is required from may to December meaning you cannot use any water except what is stored during those months. The people who have actually invested in their property to become compliant are not being raided.

    • Oh really Peter, hmmmm funny who do you work for? I was completely invested.Started the legal process in 2018. Filed with both North Coast and State water boards. Was granted water rights for storage from the spring. Did obtain a water contract for delivery after the allowed storage dates. Did apply for a streambed alteration agreement…..denied the first time (accepted once I had representation). Yet was still raided for water theft in July 2019 chopped plants detained in cuffs…. and now finally charged by the DA and have a court case. The sheriff posse threw the huge stack of evidence showing compliance on the ground unwilling to observe how much work was done to be compliant. The permits for a 10000 sq ft grow were issued from the county two weeks after the raid. Also charged penalties by the state water board. I was in phone contact with both water boards. They called their raid with 22 personnel helicopters and military with assault rifles an inspection. Hmmmm….more like the Spanish Inquisition!! Why raid people who are invested have sellers permits have filed to pay taxes have applied have provided addresses phone numbers etc etc etc?? HUGE waste of tax dollars!! Now I am getting tax forms from the county to pay the minimum tax. The State Water Board as Well as the North Coast Water Board are on a rampage destroying communities and obstructing the rights of individuals to conduct business in CA. Only cowards raid a lone man on his private property with military!! Gavin Newsom stated the military (border patrol) was taken from the Mexico border to come North to help bust Illegal Grows by Cartel type groups on Federal land. As far as I know they only raided private properties. Gavin Newsom and his cronies are heavily invested in big ag Florican etc. A much more environmentally harmful way of producing Medical MJ. This is why they busted small growers ….to simply wipe them out to allow the large corporations they are invested in to flourish without competition. Shame on all of you especially you Gavin….we are the ones who created the strains that heal sickness and provide recreation and suffered your military threats year after year. The ones who are trying to be legal and comply need help not attacks. Mendocino County will be a ghost town because the late Sheriff Tom Almond did not stand up for his community and allowed these attacks by Military Forces upon the citizens of Mendocino County. Hence his resigning!! Humbolt has Grants in effect to help farmers to get into the business. Unlike the Mendocino Board of Directors. Humboldt officials somewhat understand how important it is to support the local business. Without some support and leniency Big Ag will take it all as we have all been predicting and leave our towns and communities bare without a source of income to support its citizens. Just keep watching the flood of property sales and people moving out of state where there is a modicum of safety… so as to get a fair shake out of this CA climate of terrorism by military as well as harassment by government officials. So now I have my permits….cost everything but the shirt off my back. Now I am afraid to conduct business even though I have permits since I am still being flown…. most recently flown in Feb by two military helicopters simultaneously at an elevation of 50 feet above my house and completely bare fields (now you want my tax money so you can terrorize me with military?)…..It is bad enough we still are under threat by the federal government ….much less our own county officials.

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