Mendocino County’s Reefer Madness (opinion)


6 thoughts on “Mendocino County’s Reefer Madness (opinion)

  1. Well, guess what? It’s not legal to grow 50,000 plants. Also, the effect of all this bud will be to lower the market price.

    Can you make money at $100/pound? Probably not. Might be time to go back to town and get a job. Good luck!

  2. You say “. The structures contain thousands, of marijuana plants. There is a proliferation of such greenhouses throughout the north county area. The question is: How can it possibly be legal to grow that many plants under new state marijuana laws and Mendocino County pot ordinances? (photo/caption provided by Shields)” What a joke Jim, photographing people’s farms hoping they will get busted while your own family and son work for one of the counties largest indoor growers… what is the big offence and why does it matter to you how many plants people grow on their own personal property?

    • You’ve got the wrong guy. I own the Mendocino County Observer and manage the Laytonville Water District. I didn’t take the photo it was taken by neighbors of the illegal grow whose rights are being impinged on by this monstrosity of a grow. I don’t have a son who even lives remotely close to Laytonville, let alone works for somebody here. Check your facts before sending out fact-free diatribes. Your ignorance on all matters concerning this issue is truly breath-taking.

  3. A poorly written and extremely misinformed, fear-mongering article. There is a lot of incorrect information floating around out there concerning the permitting process for Mendocino County. Before you write, get informed. It’s okay to have opinions but you are doing a disservice to your readership by throwing about false information. Plant count is irrelevant, Jim- square footage for commercial operations in very specifically zoned areas is the reality now. Folks need to begin wrapping their heads around the idea that cannabis is becoming an AGRICULTURAL CROP- even the small strawberry farmer must grow an incredible number of strawberries (in hoops and permanent greenhouses!) to survive and compete with a giant company like Driscolls. These “mega-grows” as you like to call them are small peas compared to what’s going on in Humboldt, and in specific areas throughout CA. What is photographed in this article is going to BE the small farmer in a few years! The only way to be a viable small business in this county, and in this state, is to realize where this industry is going, make smart decisions about your infrastructure and play the game/follow the rules. The permitting process is extremely difficult, extremely expensive and very time-consuming for those brave and savvy growers who want to be fully legal. Best of luck to all those willing to dig in and be a legitimate business in this new world of cannabis-farming.

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