Ukiah approves housing for mentally-ill


3 thoughts on “Ukiah approves housing for mentally-ill

  1. Why are there so many homeless here? I heard Mendocino attracts this element because of the abundance of social services & drug culture. It’s a shame because I and other non mentally ill don’t want to raise a family here. Riff raff is a good word for these bums. 90% of their problems are diet & lifestyle. Ukiah is crazy for not cleaning up the transient problem & they will get more of what they pay for, which seems to be homeless junkies. If they’re so seriously mentally ill they should be on a farm or home in a rural setting. Not in downtown near business & children. Ukiah could be nice for tourists to stop but instead what they see are giant gangs of vagrants. You should also be worried about all the prisoners released in CA that recently passed. Will sex offenders be housed? What exactly are the criteria for mentally ill?

  2. Lets see first it said seven million then 6.876 million (federal funds) for thirty eight folks, really only thirty seven one is for a manager. WOW. 6876000 divided by 37=185837.84 EACH and that doesn’t include other expenses. Things must be really expensive. I’m in the wrong business.

  3. 38 units will not come close to housing the mentally ill people in Ukiah. There are at least 38,000…

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