County will work on water issue during one year Mendocino tent reprieve


3 thoughts on “County will work on water issue during one year Mendocino tent reprieve

  1. Why don’t we get a big filter and filter ocean water to remove salt and use it like they do on cruise ship then the issue would be getting to the towns we could use a main resistor and pump it to each county resovior because my water has been coming out black for the past week something needs to be done it is nasty and not healthy and nothing is being governed with it from timely matter off sending notice so community’s can prepare for this when was that made legal I thought this was a community’s that cares about the well-being of there people or who will be left to care for the old if we are killing our you with bad water not everyone can afford high dollar equipment to filter there water . Water is not a privilege it’s a must mistake have been made let stop blaming and fix the issue this has hurt to many and is pretty much in bad taste that we can’t even get it together to get the water right we seem to the worst county when it comes to water right come on now!

  2. The argument that tents don’t fit in with historical nature of Mendocino overlook that the Mendocino at the time someone decided to freeze in time was hardly a tourist destination. So, compromises have already been made. And overlooked is the real possibility that without tourists and restaurants Mendocino will take on the nature of earlier times when Mendocino was a virtual ghost town. Adapt or die.

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