April opening planned for Fort Bragg taproom


7 thoughts on “April opening planned for Fort Bragg taproom

  1. Congratulations..can’t wait to go. ….but didn’t Lisa work there before you ??? ❤️🤣 Great spot. You guys are going to Rock .

  2. I loved visiting Fort Bragg. I can understand why my brother, Charlie Wigginton, spent the rest of his adult life there after getting out of the military.

    It still has the feel of an artist colony. I’ve shared many beautiful pictures with the Google public of beautiful Noyo Harbor.

    I hope that many others will have an opportunity to breath in this wonderful West Coast escape. In 2010, my brother Charlie became a permanent part of the sea. When you look out across the street from his Safeway, and you see a beam of light glittering upon the waters that will be him smiling back at you.

    Rev Mary B Wigginton
    His sister

  3. Felicidades a Patric, aunque olvidaron comentar q es un miembro practicante y muy presente de nuestra Iglesia Católica “Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo” en Fort Bragg.

  4. Terrific article. Delighted to hear that Franklin Street will have a new business and wish them much success. Loved hearing what they are doing with the building and there new business.

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