4 thoughts on “One more COVID death as spike continues — cases identified at 2 Ukiah bars — death toll hits 50 (graphs)

  1. “As Mendocino County Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren has said repeatedly, there are now two different worlds: an vaccinated group who have almost no risk of serious illness, and an unvaccinated group who are still contending with the virus now in a more virulent form.”

    This message needs to be repeated and repeated and repeated again to the point of extra redundancy.

    We got the Vaxxed and then we’ve got the Un-vaxxed. Two widely different levels of risk. Which world do you inhabit?

    • I inhabit a world where I am in far more danger of being adversely affected by microvesicle shedding from the newly injected than I am of any “virus”—which, incidentally, has never been isolated and therefore has not been genetically sequenced, but you just go ahead and get that DNA altering shot (and the next one, and the next one, and the booster shots ad infinitum)…. Just don’t come near me.

  2. How old was the person who died? Any co-morbidities? What kind of medical treatment? All those charts and graphs you love to publish are more useful as weaving patterns than infographics. This is the first time in modern history that “cases” equates to “illnesses” and a manufacturing process has been used to determine those “cases.” Welcome to Planet Dystopia.

  3. Marilynn B couldn’t have said it better! All of this is just a scare tactic to get people to inject themselves with a rushed concoction of whatever bs they decided to mix together as a text study to see what works! I for one am not a crash test dummy. It’s like asking me to sit in the front seat of a car that is purposely going to crash into a wall at an extremely high rate of speed just to see what damages will come from it! Where are the statistics from the years of research and trials and test runs on this vaccine? What are the long term effects? To each his own! If you feel that getting vaccinated is best for you then so be it! However, don’t you dare judge me for standing by my personal belief that it isn’t for me!

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