Drought, cannabis, and COVID-19: Letter to District 3 constituents, May ’21 (opinion)


3 thoughts on “Drought, cannabis, and COVID-19: Letter to District 3 constituents, May ’21 (opinion)

  1. Thank you John for your continued support and leadership for the third district. Thank you for being the lone dissenting vote on phase three! We are lucky to have you.

  2. Someday, off in the future, when growing cannabis is socially acceptable as an agricultural crop the same as food, there will be a longing for the old days in Mendocino County. People will write and speak of the times when harvesting timber, hauling logs, and cutting up lumber at the local sawmills was considered honest work, carried out by honest, hard-working men. Men everyone respected. In the future, society will look down at their men and say we failed. Without saying it, deep inside, everyone will know the truth, we gave up honest men in exchange for drug dealers. We sold out.
    I am old now. This will be my last post.

  3. I’d just like to know why and what you (John) have to do with anything concerning the pg&e settlement funds? You weren’t around during the north bay fire in 2017. Why do you have anything to do with allocating any monies?

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