One thought on “Woman confesses to Aug. 16 arson Ukiah PD say; info still sought in Aug. 18 arsons

  1. This is a good thing..this girl has been threatening to burn everything and everyone for months. She walks past my work and sometimes is friendly and other times she appears to be yelling at someone who is not there..i mentioned her “fire rants” to an officer a while back and was told she had previously been arrested for allegedly attempting to set her boyfriend ablaze and that they cant re-arrest her for talk unless the talk is specific to a person or place or a confession of an incedent that is being investigated. I truely believe if i hadnt been kind to this person she might have targeted the area where i work. ..Thank you UKiah and Mendocino County authorities for taking this person off the streets. Now..if the system can find her some mental assistance instead of JUST serving a jail sentence this person wont pose a future threat.
    Anyone considering such acts please consider that Small fires get big VERY fast and people lose lives, children, Homes..entire communities.. its no joke and the suffering it can cause destroys lives of people totally unrelated to whatever problem you are facing..and will only make things worse for you..especially if peoples lives are on your conscious..that pain will be lifelong and maybe beyond.. Speak up! Ask for help, talk to a stranger…Consider the potential outcomes of your actions.. How will your actions interfere with the paths of others who are not connected to you or your problems..innocent children can be permanently disfigured.. do you want the pain they might go through as a disfigured burn Victim on your head for the rest of your life? Please try not to be selfish in your suffering and open up to someone, anyone..

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