6 thoughts on “Forward progress stopped in all Ukiah arson fires — no suspect in custody, search continues — evac warnings lifted — 5 brush fires total, one small spot fire

  1. Thank you for updating the same article! I love that we can share it and folks can get the full story, whatever it is at any given moment!

    • thanks Kristin, glad it was helpful, we started doing that during previous fires when the situation was changing quickly and we wanted it to be easy for our readers to keep track of what the most current info is — it can be especially hard with social media posts. We hope to make that info as useful as possible and easy to find for everyone. Thanks again!

  2. I really appreciate how the Mendocino Voice keeps our communities updated on events of importance, often before the other local news sources! Thanks for being on the alert!

  3. I been trying to warn everyone for 2 or 3 years now please know all thease fires are near my home now! Hello its Brandun Maurice Marizette he lives at 117 polous court and rides a red and black bike he is dangerous look on my Old facebook page my name is Sherlynn Judith Mehtlan the one im in a burgandy shirt its got pic of his fires video of his fires and im his Baby mama someone gotta know stop him i speak about pg&e not responceable for the fires god help us before he gets to me.

    • Hi Sherylynn, we don’t have any additional information beyond the press release we’ve confirmed as of now, but did you contact the Sheriff’s Office with this information? The tip line is 707-234-2100 and they are conducting the investigation. If you want to get in touch with us directly you can email [email protected].

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