Wildfire growing quickly in Calpella — mandatory evacuation issued (2:34pm)


12 thoughts on “Wildfire growing quickly in Calpella — mandatory evacuation issued (2:34pm)

  1. In the time since this article was last updated, the fire’s forward progress has been halted for now at around five or six acres, moving eastward in the Calpella area. Mandatory evacuations remain in place for the time being, with other zones of Calpella under warning. 101 Northbound is open to one way controlled traffic.

  2. What the hell? Every time I tried to access any kind of information about this fire all I got was a bunch of come on to buy internet services. I never could get through to any kind of information until the fire had long been suppressed. What is Zone 1 2 3 4 5? Know where did I ever find any indication of what the zones were. Should I leave should I stay should I wonder what zone I’m in? Everything on the internet was totally worthless to me. So I just sat still and waited for the fire to come. Thankfully somebody put it out and I didn’t have to evacuate but I probably would not have known that I should evacuate and tell some poor bastard came and knocked on my door. A lot of work needs to be done in this respect. Respectfully? Philip Coleman

    • Many many people are extremely confused about the damn Zones!
      Even here in Butte, Modoc, Siskyou, Tehama counties.

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