2 thoughts on “The Great Redwood Trail in Ukiah celebrates official ribbon cutting January 31

  1. Sounds great ON PAPER, but in reaity, a trail through the Eel River Canyon is VERY problematic.

    1)…Inaccessibility from Dos Rios to Southfork for fire, police, and medical emergencies
    2)…No cell phone service in this remote & rugged area, so IF there is an emergency, you’re SOL
    3)…If there is an emergency, and clouds, fog, forest fire smoke, and or storms prevent a chopper from responding, who will respond & how…the river runs 76 miles through this section (53 miles as a crow flies)…there are NO roads…even the old railroad access roads are often washed out & impassible.
    4)…Portapotties every 10 miles, or less..? Private property owners don’t want people going to the bathroom on their land.
    5)…Private land owners, don’t want people trespassing on their land & camping.
    6)…Where humans go, also goes a very increased chance of a wildfires being started in this very inaccessible area
    7)…who is going to administer this scheme that involves several jurisdictions & govt agencies..?
    8)…Who is going to maintain the trails, bathrooms / portapottie’s, empty garbage cans..?

    The Eel River Canyon is a very rugged area, almost in a wilderness state because it IS so rugged & hard for humans to access…and sooner or later humans will screw it up IF a trail goes through this land of many rock & land slides.

    Better to take a coastal route for a trail, NOT the Eel River Canyon.

    • Doesn’t sound like you went to the meeting in Ukiah where all these issues were discussed…

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