Latest suit against Ukiah police alleges civil rights violations and assault under color of law in violent 2021 arrest


8 thoughts on “Latest suit against Ukiah police alleges civil rights violations and assault under color of law in violent 2021 arrest

  1. Corruption! UPD! Again taxpayers to pay out another lawsuit for these pussy cops. UKIAH wake up! Sage needs to go. UPD should be taken over by the sheriff office. Valdes family take these mother fuckers to the cleaners..

  2. Nice work, Sergeant Donohue, Eric Rodello and Daniel Parker.
    While this happened 4-months prior to my interactions with this “crew”, I did predict recently that Ukiah would see these guys again. We are seeing them again.
    In my opinion, after experiencing the menacing from some of these individuals, the Ukiah Police operate as any common street gang would.
    Citizens need to see this and demand better from their City Council. Only they can fire the City Manager who has overseen so many Ukiah Police scandals, that the payoffs for only the recent beatings exceed $1.5 million dollars and rising.
    The City Council should demand the resignation of the City Manager, Sage Sangiacomo. We need a City Manager, for this town of 16K citizens, who can do the job for reasonable pay, and be effective at it… including the management of the city police department.
    Sage Sangiacomo is the problem… not the solution. He is just the guy that approves the post-abuse payoffs, and silences with nondisclosure agreements and “it’s a Personnel issue” comments to avoid responsibility.
    If I were Sage, I would have already resigned. I have honor. Honor matters.

  3. If anyone here knows or have ever met the Valdes family, you would know that their story does NOT hold any water. Full of holes and contridictions at every turn.

    • It is a small town. Most people know Rodello and Donohue. Mention either name to those living on the street… and see the reaction you get. I have done this… and the names are well-known. The homeless are afraid of Rodello, so I am told.
      I have posted police bodycam footage of Rodello attempting to manufacture a fake claim, to muscle me from an area, and abate a series of complaints. You can watch him use this fake claim… and moments later, tell others that the claim is nonsense.
      A few months later, you can watch 3 Ukiah Police Officers, led by Rodello and Donohue, address me again to ticket me for an offense that they refused to ticket others for; Ukiah Code 4153. Thye brought 3 officers to a dogshit ticket… and spent one manhour trying to evoke an aggressive response from either me or the Rottweiler I walk, so that they could take the actions that they really wanted to take.

      These are not innocent police, just doing their jobs. These are people playing loose and free with your personal liberties, in gang fashion. Oh. By the way… there is video of the incident, from RING cameras. Will those hold water? I think the video will show the truth.

      Had I not invested in a bodycamera for myself, I would have likely been a victim of these folks.

  4. Also, there was a million dollar-plus successful civil lawsuit claiming that a person had been beaten by law enforcement who illegally entered their home. However, there were no charges against the defendants otherwise in a court of law. In fact it seems they are still serving on the force. Many, many unanswered questions involving our law enforcement/legal system. I do not expect answers, even though not getting them points to troubling inconsistencies. This is a dangerous (and expensive) situation for the citizens of this city and county.

  5. Anne you must be Donahues wife? Valdes family apparently your full of shit? Prove these mother fuckers wrong show the tape.

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