Former UPD Sgt. Kevin Murray facing 16 months in sweetheart plea deal that skirts trial on sex charges


8 thoughts on “Former UPD Sgt. Kevin Murray facing 16 months in sweetheart plea deal that skirts trial on sex charges

  1. Wow. This guy gets to play by a different set of rules. The judge and the DA have a lot of explaining to do on this one. Completely unacceptable and there need to be consequences for the offices that let this happen.

  2. Well I feel stupid but I don’t understand. What about the rape charges? Was he even being tried in those charges or was it just intimidating a witness? Also what about the assault charges? What magic wand made all that go away? Also it seems that dealing meth might set a pretty bad example for law enforcement especially if it goes unpunished! Many unanswered questions here!

  3. The Mendocino County justice system, including the City of Ukiah Police and city management, are corrupted. Here is a solution:

    Do not serve on a jury in this County. For any reason. Period. Just say no.
    The County is having great difficulty at this specific moment, to seat juries. If you refuse to serve… if everyone refuses to serve… the system comes to a crawl, and it must modify itself.

    Clearly, that modification is necessary. From the 3-card-Monty judge switcheroo… to the absurdity of the plea bargain, corruption exists at all levels in that courthouse. The courthouse and its processes are their domain. If their domain ceases to function, they are now on the spot to the State. The State can step in and audit the situation.
    Bring it to a crisis. Force change. Do as I do. Refuse to serve an unjust system.

  4. What’s worse? A corrupt cop at the top or his enablers in the larger corrupt court system in this county? I wonder what blackmail he has in his pocket that allowed this backroom deal? Who is left holding the scum bag?

  5. This man is my neighbor. I am sickened by the courts, the judge, the attorneys, and this POS that I see when I drive up the road to my home

  6. I thought we lived in a safe residential area but apparently not we have a rapist, aggressive, abusive, methhead bugular living nearby. I have kids and worry now all the time because he will be ONCE AGAIN getting away with his habitual crimes…and ONCE AGAIN the Ukiah police has covered up for him. You should all be ashamed of yourself that had anything to do with this. How will this man ever change if he has never held accountable for anything???. Ukiah courthouse is a joke….Watch out everyone…

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