Fort Bragg restaurant outbreak spawns Sunday testing event — most cases happened in Mid-January


7 thoughts on “Fort Bragg restaurant outbreak spawns Sunday testing event — most cases happened in Mid-January

  1. As important an issue as this is, perhaps let’s ask ourselves additionally why these folks NEED to work at 3 jobs in the first place?????

  2. Common practice now, don’t hire any full time employees to avoid paying for health care 🙁 super sad state of affairs fueled by pure greed in most cases (not all but most) and one more reason for universal health care. It’s ridiculous and ignorant to argue it would bankrupt the US as we are one of the very few 1st world countries lacking this care and the resulting bankruptcy and illness rates in our country are shameful. Travel to countries with healthcare for all and check it out, you will find a generally healthier and happier society as a whole. We still pay for healthcare here it’s just in the ridiculous form of over priced emergency room visits, inflated medicine prices and loss of productivity, not to mention the loss of homes and property due to catastrophic medical bills.

  3. It’s time for our money they take to provide health care for everyone its so wrong thry make millions and don’t pay Taxes and the middle class pays for all its time to change a lot in America Healthcare for all use our taxes we’re taxed for everything its never ending, its all greed…

  4. The comments about Universal Health Care and why people need multiple jobs demonstrates a lack of understanding the challenges of operating a small business. The proposed $15 per hour minimum wage nationally will close thousands of restaurants across the country, as just one example of governments’ forcing their agenda on the private sector.

  5. It is a great act of transparency to let the public know, so that patrons can be tested. These restaurants should have come forward immediately. My question is why Patterson’s and Frankie’s in Mendocino have not announced their COVID closures (with the possible exception of a sign out front). The announcement should be in the local newspaper. The virus is here. We can all deal with this together, but not if there is shame and resulting secrecy.

  6. So here is my take … “Interviews showed the bulk of the positive tests came between Jan. 21 and 23”  Yet OUR Mendocino County Health Department DID NOT manage to get the word out until Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021  It took 14 days … FOURTEEN days for the public to be notified of this EMERGENCY  from OUR Mendocino County Health Department and then they announced it ONLY on their Facebook page and a Online Press conference ! … What about the thousands of people in our community who have zero access to those online places?  “At the press conference, Dr. Andy Coren, county health officer, said that the information did come out “ a little late.” 14 days is a bit more than a little late SIR!  I’d like to have more confidence in my Health Department.

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