3 thoughts on “As COVID surges Mendocino Co. reviews “mass casualty” plans, mortuary resources — vaccines to arrive this week — 235 cases in past week, total tops 2000, averaging 34 per day

  1. No offense but we don’t believe you because you carted in two navy ships into LA and NY and you also had a California governor pay rent to a Arena that all 3 of them were ever needed!!! So when you cry wolf like you did in the beginning of the pandemic you lost all credibility.

    • At a cost of more than 660 million of our tax dollars, private contractors were hired last spring to build emergency field hospitals around the country, most of which did not treat a single patient. Somebody is benefiting greatly from this plandemic but We the People are getting the shaft.

  2. The virus was here long before the lockdown-distancing-masking mania. If that nonsense worked, then why is there a so-called “surge”? And don’t tell me it’s because of the few of us who defy the unconstitutional mandates. You can hardly go anywhere in this county without seeing masked zombies everywhere and lines taped 6 feet apart in the few businesses that Newscum has “allowed” to stay open.

    The ugly totalitarian shadow of censorship has descended over the medical experts, lab technicians, epidemiologists, etc., who have been telling the truth about: the faulty tests that pick up traces of every coronavirus you’ve ever had including the common cold; the nature of a virus they have not yet pinpointed but for which miraculously there are a slew of “safe & effective” vaccines hitting the market; the actual deaths from COVID-1984 as opposed to the reported deaths; and the number of “cases” which before 2020 only referred to people who were actually sick.

    In nearly 10 months of paranoid hysteria, 24 people have died including at least 13 from a nursing home, but now we are supposed to believe that the mortuaries won’t be able to handle the rapidly piling up bodies. I am extremely disappointed in the board of supervisors, who have obviously done no more research into this plandemic than what they have been spoon-fed by the mass media and a health officer who is equally and shamefully uninformed.

    It’s not about a virus. It’s a psy-op, meant to facilitate the “Great Reset” where you will own nothing, not even your own bodies and certainly not your children. Wake up, people, if not for yourselves, then for the sake of your children and grandchildren!

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