2 thoughts on “Wildfires have drastically increased air pollution in Mendocino Co. How will it impact health?

  1. I’ve been comparing the AirNow and PurpleAir readings for close to a year across all of Northern California. AirNow doesn’t even come close in terms of accuracy because its readings are averaged over many hours. Also, a lot of the USG sensors are old and quite possibly not calibrated properly – I doubt it’s a high priority for this administration. So I’m glad to see the county placing PurpleAir sensors. Not too costly and very helpful!

  2. There are preventative measures to take to alleviate our lungs from inhaled toxins: drinking herbals teas and tinctures such as mullein, licorice, lobelia, mints, etc. can help dispel mucus (check out the Mendocino Herb Guild for their herb recommendation and tea blends at the farmers market), steaming with eucalyptus and peppermint, eliminating inflammatory foods from our nutrition like dairy, eat more supporting foods for the digestive tract. Media news needs to integrate positivity more, less fear mongering.

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