Sunshine Week: national award names Mendocino County one of America’s “worst in government transparency”


6 thoughts on “Sunshine Week: national award names Mendocino County one of America’s “worst in government transparency”

  1. I was born and partially raised in the county . I have spent my entire adult life here . I am 52 yrs old . .,all of these people on council, all of them of my generation no doubt . Never ever have I been so unbelievably ashamed of my generation . I am stunned by the ruthlessness of their actions . What a bunch of soyless narcissist !!! I suppose that it is what we get for allowing th root of all evil to make our world go round . Are they so worthless that they have to steal from good hard working people trying to do the right thing !! To those less thann people , you know who you are , you greedy low life thieving scum , there is a special place in hell for you . You have destroyed this wonderful beautiful county with your ugliness . That’s right . You are freaking ugly evil people on the inside and out !! Ugly nasty people !!!

  2. Does this finding make anyone else wonder WHY or WHAT is being kept from inquiring minds? Mendoville politics…… very strange indeed.

  3. That’s cute. So Mendo County. They will be spending more than they collect defending lawsuits about violating the California Public Records Act FOIA provisions. Go team.

  4. Does anyone have an idea how many times Christian Curtis has given the board wring advice? It seems to keep happening and the county gets into legal trouble. This costs the taxpayers money.
    Please fire Christian Curtis now

  5. They continue to put on our local news continually something new instead of what we’ve been asking for a long time and that is what happened with the investigation of the three different sets of books that the Board of Supervisors have. Why does no one speak of this and why did it Blow Away In The Wind? Come on guys do something that we have actually asked for! Our news agency seem to be scared to death to bring this up again or to let us know what’s actually going on. Worthless news agencies that are local and bought out by the Board of Supervisors evidently.

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