3 thoughts on “As drought worsens Ukiah is well prepared, Fort Bragg anticipates water shortages (Water Security Series)

  1. People lie with statistics. They can lie with photographs too. Just select the right spot and view it from the right angle, being careful to omit anything that does not fit your perspective of the subject. So if you see the picture of Lake Mendocino in this article you would get the impression that the lake is nearly bone dry. Same with Governor Gavin Newsom’s visit and the chosen spot for his public speech today. The background in his photo makes the lake look like a pond. Cracked and dried soil is all around him. Its a lie. Take the “Dry Lake Challenge” and drive over to see for yourself. For those of us who live here locally we have seen it in worse shape. Yes it is very low and there’s no boating, agree. But “bone dry”? Not even.

    • You have seen it lower at this time of year? When? It’s at less than 50% capacity in the spring when it should be at its highest. By fall it will likely be down to the old riverbed. What is your problem with the reporting on this? It’s not “fake news” , our water supply is screwed. Stop politicizing everything, I don’t like Newsom but he’s not wrong this time.

  2. Just got word that Rogina Water is telling customers “no outdoor watering”. Ummm isn’t Rogina Water on a well (several wells, actually), drawing from the same aquifer as Ukiah, which is supposedly in good shape? And didn’t I just see a local Talmage vineyard watering with rainbirds for several days 24/7? What is going on here? Yes the vineyard has its own well, but it draws from the same aquifer!

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