Rep. Huffman joins call for impeachment, unseating lawmakers, Capitol Police & National Guard inquiries, 25th Amendment, etc. — Democrats introduce articles of impeachment


5 thoughts on “Rep. Huffman joins call for impeachment, unseating lawmakers, Capitol Police & National Guard inquiries, 25th Amendment, etc. — Democrats introduce articles of impeachment

  1. It is appropriate for the Representative to be referencing civil war era sentiment. After all, it is the direction the Democrat Party is taking the country today. Where else can dividing the country further lead us if not to another civil war? Some have written we are already in a “Cold Civil War” so why throw more fuel on the fire. Trump will be out of office in a week. Gone. Biden wants to hit the ground running instead of keeping Trump on the front page of the news after he is out of office. He is looking ahead. We need leadership during these times, not more division. I hate to be the one to break it to the Rep., but Trump’s supporters will remain among us as fellow Americans for quite a long time. Yes, breaking into the Capitol building was unlawful, but I think the cheering on of BLM, ANTFA riots, burning government buildings, and tearing down statues over the summer just naturally led to this outcome. Meanwhile, your average American citizen is not concerned about impeachment. We worry about C-19, our jobs, and the safety of our families. It does not seem to be a priority in our Congress, does it?

  2. You are a lOoNiE. A raving, havering, trumplicking lOoNiE blatherskite. And, like all raving, havering, trumplicking lOoNiE blatherskites, you are also a gomeral, a gowk, and wee pea-brained heidthebaw. But I won’t spend much more time than this – or the 2 seconds it took me to scan the first lines of your demented screed above – because attempting to teach swine how to sing opera is a fool’s errand: it’s a waste of one’s time, and only serves to confuse the swine further.

  3. Many people are delusional these days, some naturally and some by design. Name calling only serves to stoke the fire and is of no constructive value. It can delude a valid point.

  4. Right on, Dennis. So Huffpuff (the word “man” and other terms has been banned by the 2021 Rules of the House for which he voted, non-sexual terms must be substituted) wants to remove those in Congress who challenged the votes of certain states. If that is the case how about also dumping Maxine Waters and, oh yes, Nancy Pelosi for doing the same thing (allowed by the Constitution) in earlier presidential elections. What happened on January 6th was appalling and an offense to millions across the country in all political parties. But “insurrection” or a “coup”. Hardly, it was a riot less damaging than those that occurred in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis or other cities across the country last summer. The only difference was that this one was directed at the Capitol building in Washington, DC. But whereas the Democrats in Congress were silent to the summer riots (“Silence is consent”?) this one landed right in their lap. What goes around, comes around, so NOW they are indignant. Welcome to the club – a little late. Unlike the rioters last summer, these rioters will be prosecuted under the law – and they should be. But keep in mind, 1) Speech transcripts show that President Trump encouraged the demonstrators in Washington, DC to go to the Capitol and PEACEABLY make their feelings known and 2) those that entered the Capitol were a very small minority of the hundreds of thousands that attended the demonstration from across the country. So now there is a movement to silence the 74+ million voters who voted to reelect the President. This isn’t the country that I spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force defending.

    • I spent 20 in the US Army. You and I defended the entire country, not just one political party. Thank you for your service. In my limited capacity to make a difference these days, I would buy the next round of beer at a local bar, if they were open. Back to the main topic, our Representative could make a difference in Congress if he rose above partisan party talking points and represented all of us. He is limited by lacking the military viewpoint, that we used to call “the big picture.”

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