5 thoughts on “In which our intrepid coast correspondent gets a COVID nose test and tells us a bit about the testing situation on the Coast

  1. I would prefer to give unassisted birth to a full-grown water buffalo than face this test again. There’s GOT to be a better way, like the saliva test about which I’ve read. Why isn’t it available to us? af

  2. The Mendocino Coast Clinics have done it again, putting in an extra effort that helped clear a backlog of tests, as the story shows. I wanted to add the Clinic has saved my life more than once with their great medical care and I have observed the people there to be awesome and the organization to have among the best leadership of any I know. We checked out the testing process to find it working like clockwork, as expected. With results now coming back more quickly, I would encourage others to get this test also. You are in good hands and you can save lives of others by doing this test.

  3. Another well researched and well-written article by Frank Hartzell. As a Grey Whale member of the Mendocino Voice, I encourage you to feature his articles more often. His excellent writing is an asset to your publication.

  4. I’m concerned that your “Lead Headline Story” for my 10/1 Thursday morning news up-date was dated (9/27/20) . To provide current information seems to me to be one of your most important features, and the date is crucial. We have friends sheltering with us during fire evacuation from Oakmont, and it was confusing as they were seeking the most current info. Please accentuate the date in the byline and/or at the end. A suggestion from an avid reader…We do appreciate all your excellent coverage. Thank you.

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