Tavion Johnson appearing at preliminary hearing today; plead not guilty to killing of wife


10 thoughts on “Tavion Johnson appearing at preliminary hearing today; plead not guilty to killing of wife

    • He is most definitely guilty.
      The police logs can clarify that fact for anyone who might think otherwise. It’s not hard to determine this was a common occurrence and you can just search domestic disturbances and or hospitalization transport on goose rd.

      Innocent man.. eww

      A SICK AND DISGUSTING LITTLE CREEP they need to keep him where he is and society here will be all the better. Little lazy incompetent mooch.

  1. You know what you did was wrong, fess up and give yourself to Jesus! May you fined mercy in his arms, for there is no mercy for you here on earth.

  2. He is far from innocent. He beat her to death. He was at least a foot taller and 100 more. He has been arrested for beating on her at least three times. He should be charged with murder 1

  3. It is often the case that domestic violence incidents only escalate in nature between parties; they don’t tend to diminish in severity over time. Hence the attempt to separate the “fuel from the fire” by the restraining/protective order process. Even then, the potential consequences have little bearing on the irrational loss of control over someone’s conduct who possesses a propensity for deadly violence with no respect/regard for other’s right to life. I tend to think of repeat offenses of this kind as premeditated and therefore not worthy of justification for lenience.

    • He caused her death after several prior beatings. There’s just no way to stretch any justification hard enough to call him “innocent”. The only thing left to determine is the degree of guilt.

  4. Who ever dares to show up as a supporter of That sniveling child is a TRUE COWARD. No one needs to be nursing the likes of You either. She was a friend of mine. I met her when she was 5 ! She was the only one who was trying to help YOU WAKE UP so YOU can save your own SOUL. We don’t want you here Tavion. You have poisoned us on You. I am sure you’ve gotten a lot of that in your short, violated/violating little life. For that I am sorry.
    Taking zero responsibility for hunting down OUR girl like YOU DID and punishing Her for YOUR OWN KARMA isn’t gaining you ANY points here. Go be with God NOW. Things are NOT going Your way. You STOLE a very amazing gift. Now IT IS TIME TO BE A REAL HUSBAND AND MAN BY ADMITTING TO ALL THAT ONLY YOU HAVE DONE. There is no rest for the Wicked Tavion.

  5. I hope this POS feeels the fullest extent of the law He took a beautiful soul from us and he will pay one way or another.

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