Crowningshield pleads guilty to murder of Autumn Smith


5 thoughts on “Crowningshield pleads guilty to murder of Autumn Smith

  1. Horrible tragedy! This touches home! I saw Autumn, right after this happened. I’ll never forget that scene. Laying there lifeless. I’m so numb from one incident after another about a jealous, insecure, immature, drunk, idiot, pissing his pants and just can’t stand his pathetic, worthless, self inflicting, crappy life, and takes his attitude out on yet, another, innocent, beautiful woman!!! I’m so ashamed of you! You have hurt our entire community with your criminal act! Sadly, your son is another victim of your demise.

  2. I occasionally drive to San Rafael/Bay Area for work, and every time I see the prison I wave to that rotten piece of trash.

    I’ll send a picture of his window to anyone that wants one

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