2 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom issues statewide moratorium on enforcement of COVID-19 related rental evictions through May 31

  1. This is incorrect. There has been no statewide moratorium on evictions. The governor’s executive order merely authorized local governments to enact eviction bans if they so choose. This article misinterprets the content of the executive order and, even worse, misleads tenants whose local governments have not enacted an eviction ban into believing they are protected when they actually are not. You should correct this immediately!

    • Hi Lyn, this order follows the order you are referring to, in which local governments were authorized to suspend eviction enforcement — this one is stricter. We discuss that in the article, and it also is included in the press release as follows: “Today’s action builds on Governor Newsom’s previous executive order authorizing local governments to halt evictions for renters impacted by the pandemic.” You can find a link to both orders in this article.

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