One dead in major collision north of Willits


11 thoughts on “One dead in major collision north of Willits

  1. As a witness, I can attest that is wasn’t caused by the down hill driver. The driver heading uphill shot across the road from the north bound lane to the southbound lane and hit the other vehicle.
    Seriously, you guys need to fact check and not assume.

    • Renee. I’m so very sorry about your friend’s son ??.
      The CHP will have all the info for the next of kin. Have them call the Garberville office.

    • The initial report from the CHP stated downhill driver. We have since corrected that with new info from the CHP.

  2. As we understand it, the Garberville CHP office is the best source for this information; we don’t know when they put something up on the website but if you call the office they should be able to provide you with a copy of the press release and potentially other information.

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