Bicyclist killed in collision in Ukiah


14 thoughts on “Bicyclist killed in collision in Ukiah

  1. This is a very sad and clear example reminding us that our city and county need to do more to improve the safety and practacality of commuting on a bicycle in our community.
    Talmage itself has lots of gravel on the very small shoulder forcing cyclists to ride partially in the lane.
    Please just give us at least a clean 2- 3 ft shoulder, it will help prevent more tragaties.

    • Also a tragedy, your attitude and punctuation! Do you feel better about your self after putting someone down for a easy spelling error to make? What a joke! Thx! And have a great day!

    • To Fred Baxter/ You spelled your incorrectly, while criticizing someone else’s spelling! You’re is a contraction of you are. My 2nd grade grandson knows that.

  2. This is so sad. The young man on the bike was a friend of mine. Such a wonderful person. So beautiful inside and out. So young, only 34. He rode his bike often. I know he had safe riding practices. I want to know why an arrest wasn’t made. This is man slaughter! There must be justice for him. His life was taken so tragically. He was a lover of life. He did so much good in his life. Always helping and giving and teaching. He was a selfless person who was an advocate for those with no voice. A lover of the arts. He will be deeply missed by so many in our community. I just wish for him and his family to find peace. I want the person who did this to be punished. You can’t go around life with no consequences. My friend was so worthy of life he had so many hopes and dreams and this person took that all away from him. So sad………

    • Cosmic moment of transmigration for our brother, sun is as the eagle on this day rabbit…no death just change, thanks to this brother I always saw him giving people rides to important events and gatherings and ceremonies, he had come to help the people and the land, true guardian and sembrador.

    • “I want to know why an arrest wasn’t made.” You want to know why an arrest wasn’t made? Really? Did you consider that an arrest wasn’t made because no law was broken? You seem to assume that the driver of the vehicle broke a law or was somehow at fault in this vehicle/bicycle collision. Did you consider that the person on the bike was at fault and that he was the cause of the collision?

    • Our deepest condolences to you and deceased’s family. Do yo know if the family needs assistance with funeral services, we’d like to offer support for the family. When time permits please call me 702-917-0812. Once again very sorry for your loss.
      God Bless,

    • Yes, so sad. But Word is that those who were there say the truck driver did nothing wrong, let alone illegal and deserving “Punishment”. Given the anger in your comment, you need might consider redirecting your grief. Do you really think the truck driver isn’t affected by this? Your friend, who sounds like a saint, might not agree with your misdirected vindictiveness. You might want to hold your tongue until the investigation is complete.

    • He was also a dear friend of mine and it has been devastating for all the people whose lives he touched. This isn’t right I would like to know what happened! We all love u and miss u x

  3. I also know the person driving the vehicle. He is a loving father and a hard worker and has worked for wipf for many year. This was a very tragic acccident. He is horrified and will live with this for the rest of his life. Unfortunately there were a lot of things involved in the accident. Tragic for all people involved. Very sorry.

  4. I feel so sad when I read people being so unkind to on another. Please remember to be kind. I am very sorry for the loss of this person, and also for the driver that must be struggling with this accident.

  5. So sorry for the loss of this beloved Soul. It sounds like a terrible tragedy. I don’t know if I would survive emotionally if I had been in this accident. Many don’t recover. I convey my sympathy for all involved and their loved ones. I know grief is not easy either. It can come out in different ways. I hope their will be some light and some relief.

  6. Their needs to be something done about this I am the cousin of the guy who was struck by the dump truck. I say have warning signs up ther warning bicyclists to watch out for hazards. It’s bad enough that this isn’t the only time someone passed away due to being struck by a dump truck. This happened in 2012 same way too. Bicyclist was struck by the same type of dump truck an he too was killed. Plz can we do something about this my family is suffering from this tragic accident and I would hate to see anyone else lose a loved one.

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