One thought on “Multi-agency cannabis regulatory office now open in Eureka

  1. Setting up Eureka as a “one stop shop” will not “improve the regulatory climate” for the majority of growers who may wish to apply for permits. The article comments that “North Coast cannabis farmers have periodically been left out of the various public meetings held by Cannabis Control regulatory agencies…in the multi-generational growing region. Whether this improves the regulatory climate remains to be seen.” The only thing the “one stop shop” will improve is collecting revenue from growers, not the regulatory climate.” Only opening up policy-making meetings to farmers who are being regulated will do that. There is close to zero confidence of growers in current cannabis regulations given Mendocino’s notoriously closed unfair policy process. BOS is essentially clueless about how to engage the majority of growers in helping craft regulations that take their views into account. With two Agriculture Commissioners driven out within one week, followed by the imposition of the Mendocino CEO though presumably she has no experience in growing cannabis, who can have confidence in such a state of affairs? As a result, growers are choosing to remain distant from a process they do not trust. That is why very little of the expected revenue is forthcoming. This is a sad situation given that cannabis growers have kept the economy alive for two generations and are not valued except to be milked and excluded from the paradigm shift now underway.

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