6 thoughts on “Mendocino Railway’s gravel train proposal rejected; Great Redwood Trail master plan kicks off

  1. THE TRAIL TO EUREKA IS A FARSE? it is a waste of taxpayers’ money ? a plan to mine gravel from the river is a better plan? not only would it help the river but also be a money project. so if they build this trail only healthy people would be able to walk up there? plus all the drug cartels and growers on the trail would stop or hurt people going up the trail? as a taxpayer im against this idea a trail of horror is what it would be!

  2. The trail idea is asinine.
    Huge waste of money.
    Going to become a homeless camp & when they round us up and put us in concentration camps the will march us on this trail at gunpoint.

  3. Being from the Ukiah & Willits areas I can tell you thete is no demand for this trail. Why are reporters lying about this subject?

    • I’m from RV and I would love to have someplace new to ride my bike, and a safer alternative to State St. for riding into Ukiah, or up to Willits. Just because you and your friends are too lazy to exercise doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

  4. I think that this trail is a great idea. People will come far and wide to ride or hike on it and they will bring money with them. Money that they will spend at bike shops, restaurants and on lodging, among other things.

  5. Beware what you wish for! I have lived in Ukiah, loved it. I have kept track of the goings on through the Mendocino Voice and like that this is an independent news outlet.

    Now I’m back down south and where I live there is a serious problem with electric bikes taking over sidewalks, running people down and just being obnoxious. Speeding on sidewalks is the worst, esp. around the beach on the “boardwalk”.

    Be aware that once these beasts are let loose on that trail it won’t be great for walkers or regular bikers. I can imagine this will be a hot destination for the electric bikers too. We wonder down here, where do you draw the line between electric bikes and motorcycles? It’s been an unsolvable problem here. A lot of the bikes are just mopeds reborn. So if you intend to make this a “nature trail” ponder the acceptable ways it will be accessed. Just some thoughts.

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