Kevin Murray asks court for probation despite 16-month minimum sentence in felony plea (updated 8/24)


3 thoughts on “Kevin Murray asks court for probation despite 16-month minimum sentence in felony plea (updated 8/24)

  1. You are not responsible for the hurt, betrayal, silencing, and victimization that rapist Kevin Murray willingly and intentionally caused you and your loved ones.
    You are not and shall not be held responsible for the “loss of career” rapist Kevin Murray caused on himself by choosing to commit crimes against you, other victims, and the betrayal to the oath he took for the community of Ukiah. He chose with strong commitment to commit crimes. That is his pill to swallow.
    To the victim he took advantage of knowing he was a white male senior officer, knowing he was in a position of power and authority, using your vulnerability to his advantage, I’m sorry he used that to try to get his way. I’m sorry you had to sleep on the nasty floor of a hotel bathroom to save yourself from being raped. I’m sorry your department failed to protect you. I’m sorry your story has been ignored by the justice system. I’m sorry community members did not see you until Chief Wyatt suddenly disappeared, Chief Waidelich was fired, and Sergeant Pintane remains hidden in the four walls of a corrupt department avoiding accountability. You are seen by community members. You have been heard. You matter.
    To the victim he took advantage of knowing she was a family friend, I’m sorry rapist Kevin Murray manipulated his way into your home. He used his charismatic personality to gain your trust then later used it against you to manipulate his attorneys to believe he is innocent. I’m sorry rapist Kevin Murray intentionally and forcibly sexually assaulted you. Not only once, but more than once. I’m sorry rapist Kevin Murray’s actions were only classified as misdemeanor after the many months of court appearances to at the end only be told he may get probation. You may not have been given the opportunity to speak in court but we, the community, see and hear you. You matter.
    To the victim of the hotel, I’m sorry he used his power of a police officer to justify his encounter with you then later chose to willingly and intentionally force you to conduct sexual favors on him. I’m sorry rapist Kevin Murray caused you intentional emotional harm when he trapped you in that hotel room to engage in sexual activity. I’m sorry you had to make the right, yet difficult, decision to report the heinous crimes to his peers. I’m sorry your story was not shared in court and the opportunity of confronting your abuser was stolen from you by rapist Kevin Murray working out a plea. We see you. You matter.
    To the wife of rapist Kevin Murray that said she stayed with him because she “would have missed the opportunity to love someone unconditionally”, please seek therapy. Co-dependency is real. There are other fish in the sea. You are worthy of faithful, honest, true love. Rapist Kevin Murray’s selfish, willful and intentional acts to cheat on you are strong signs of him being self-centered. I’m sorry rapist Kevin Murray has dragged you and your family through emotional turmoil because he chooses not to accept responsibility. You deserve better. You matter.
    To the officer who had to write recommendations for rapist Kevin Murray’s sentencing, I’m sorry you were not given complete reports of the hideous acts this ill willed person committed on the victims he prayed and sought after.
    In closing, many lives were negatively impacted by rapist Kevin Murray’s actions and he is still avoiding accountability. Let us pray the justice system holds rapist Kevin Murray accountable before he prays on more victims. Rapist Kevin Murray’s victims deserve justice.

    • Amazing!! Thank you for showing your support to those who really could use it. I wish there were more people willing to stand up and speak out for the victims! ♥️

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