In commemoration of the Fourth of July: The Declaration of Independence


4 thoughts on “In commemoration of the Fourth of July: The Declaration of Independence

  1. Yes, indeed, please READ this…and, if necessary, read it AGAIN, until you UNDERSTAND it.

    Its words were aimed at someone like Gavin Newsom.

    I note, with emphasis: “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

    Right now, the rule by decree of Newsom and his underlings is Ultra Vires…NOT “from the consent of the governed.”

  2. Ron Paul telling it like it is at “Independence Day Under Dictatorship.” Dr. Paul makes the comment that if the grievances were to be published in a newspaper today they would sound like what is happening in this country right now.

    I offer a thought from the writings of Thomas Jefferson, who would be astounded at what the citizens of this declining nation are allowing government to dictate and control:
    “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.”

    Jefferson was a great advocate of physical exercise as well. Now we are being told not to participate in sports, to wear a mask while engaged in physical activity, to refrain from singing in public, to avoid going out into the sunshine and fresh air, and to generally live cowering in fear. How ironic that we are supposedly celebrating Independence Day, but parades, fireworks displays, rodeos and community barbecues are all cancelled at the behest of a “health” officer rubber stamping the illegitimate orders of a governor who in turn is basing his unconstitutional diktat on the scientifically unfounded and ever mutating proclamations of a federal alphabet agency.

    • It’s all a game for America’s enemies. They’re playing with us, to see how much we will “take.” So far, I’m discouraged by how much Americans are NOT actively resisting. If this very same situation existed in 1776, with “orders” for we lesser folk to “obey,” the Founders would have advocated exactly what they advocated for the lesser tyranny of their day. No, not protests, and definitely not compliance. George Washington didn’t suggest we “vote” our way out of tyranny. Everyone knows what he recommended. He spoke in the language tyrants understand.

      The American people may just be much more patient than I thought they were, and one trigger event is soon coming where refusing to wear masks will be the least of the “authorities'” worries from patriotic Americans.

  3. Not surprisingly, domestic enemy of America Kaepernick said today, Independence Day, is a “celebration of ‘white supremacy’.”

    I’ve been telling people for some time that when these Bolsheviks – who fraudulently claim they are “Democrats” – shriek and froth at the mouth about “white supremacy,” they are actually speaking against European civilization, including all the values that make possible their very existence. For it was not Africa which created the ideals that finally ended slavery and so many other barbarous practices – it was the hated White Man’s culture. It took Africa until 1981 (Nineteen Eighty-one, yeah, just 39 years ago) to ban legally-sanctioned slavery (Mauritania). Not that slavery doesn’t still exist in Africa.

    No, traitor, we are not going to give up or flush our culture and ideals down the Memory Hole of your Bolshevism. Always most amusing for someone who has become a “celebrity” with a pile of money to preach against a “white supremacist” system that made him, well, a rich Black “celebrity.” If you don’t like America, then you are free to leave for a land where your ideas – can’t call them ideals – better suit you. Red China, North Korea, or one of the Marxist regimes in Africa might work for you.

    Again: when these devils say “white supremacy,” they don’t refer to race hatred – they refer to YOUR CULTURE, your heritage. YOU are their enemy. Act accordingly.

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