MCSO planning next ground search after helicopter finds new clues to location of missing hunter


10 thoughts on “MCSO planning next ground search after helicopter finds new clues to location of missing hunter

  1. Sympathy for the family, but they need to start respecting property up there and stay out of areas where they don’t have permission. If they don’t start showing some respect for the land owners up there they will find themselves locked out permanently.

  2. The family is seriously in denial. He’s been missing for a MONTH and was last seen camping on a freakin’ river bar on the night that it rained 8 inches and the river level rose by TWENTY FOUR feet. And that’s all the way downstream at Ft. Seward*. Where he was camping is much further upstream and closer to the burn scars from the last two years so it probably rose FAST.

    I’m sorry, but a go-fund-me for his medical care is absurd.


  3. Search and Rescue’s afraid to get wet.. Told them he was downriver on Day 1 but all they wanted to do was drive around the mountain and search from their vehicles.. WEAKSAUCE!!!
    He’s in the ocean by now.
    Prayers ro the family

  4. Imagine if it were your family and the sheriffs office thought they found something a week ago and still havent gone out to find out if its even his! And btw. The family has been searching for 5 weeks with almost no help from the sheriffs dept.. Also, the family does not believe he went in the river, they have been looking on the mountain, which is where his dog was located. Why would his dog have been on the mountain if he was in the river? Also , it is NOT legal to just shoot someone because you see them on your property. If you think someone is poaching you call fish and game. Especially since there is no fencing. This is a human being we are talking about. A father, a son , a brother and a grandpa. People need to show some respect.

    • I have sympathy for their situation, but not for their trespassing. The former doesn’t excuse the latter. Advertising on facebook for flash mob of random dimwits to come march uninvited all over other people’s land is beyond rude. And yes there are fences, gates and plenty of posted signs.

  5. Only other possibility is the Mexicans guys who are growing marijuana right by the river where he disappeared.. Sheriff’s Deputies said they were going to talk with them on the first morning he was missing..

  6. “Advertising for a flash mob of random dimwits”???!!!! Do you really think they are just trying to be rude? Or maybe they are not getting any help from regular sources and are desperate to find their family member? Firstly, they DO have permission of all of the landowners except for two. And one of those two is the last person to have seen him. Secondly, it’s pretty weird that y’all just assume that he was poaching. He had tags. Do poachers buy tags? And if you think someone is poaching then what? Call Fish and Game!!! NO! These landowners think they can block public access roads and SHOOT AT THE SEARCHERS! The mentality of some people is what is going to make us lose our gun rights.

    • WHAT public roads?? The two roads on both sides of the river there are PRIVATE easements, and until this incident were 100% behind locked gates.

      And tags or no tags, hunting on other peoples’ land is poaching. Look it up.

  7. Wow! To the person that said and I quote “sympathy for the family! ” You are bat crazy if you think that there was any sympathy in what you wrote! The Davis family are very nice and respectful people. They’re looking for their family member that they care very much about I’m just wondering if it was your family member out there that you cared very much about what would you do I know for sure that they are not out there trying to ruin people’s land or trespass on people’s properties or trying to cause any problems with the landowners they just want to know what happened to their family member.

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