Search underway for Humboldt County hunter missing in the Covelo area


5 thoughts on “Search underway for Humboldt County hunter missing in the Covelo area

  1. How far was the dog found from the campsite and in which direction. Was the camp along the river? Was the dog found on the road or down by the river. The eel river flows northerly towards Dos Rios and beyond. If he slipped into the river during the rains he could of quickly been swept downstream and no longer near 8 mile. If he was not near the river and presumed taking a late night hike or walking along the road this could centralize the search effort and lead to many different scenarios. I have property along 162 adjacent to the eel. I will take a look.

    • Hi. When I found the dog she was coming down from D&D ranch onto 162. Sorry just now saw this. Thanks Rachel Mayo

  2. Hmmm….the dog was found near where he was last seen?? And the owner of D&D ranch have refused to allow the family to search the property? My only question is if the cops can get a warrant to search for him . WHY haven’t they? What are they waiting for? There is no sign of him in the river, but thats the only place the cops want to search? Sounds like more good old boys corruption to me

  3. The reason the single property owner refuses to allow a search is simply there illigally growing pot and the reason the law won’t intercede is simply because there involved there all sorry sonsabitches corruption at it’s worst money takes presidence over life they should all be rounded up and hung like scumbags they are John Davis is my friend of over 40years and a good man not threatening just saying 100 years ago these sonsabitches would have been burnt out and strung up and I’d have been a big part of it unfortunately we have laws these days I don’t believe he was took bye the river nor that he’s anywhere lost for that matter he was a professional outdoorsman I believe he’s on that ranch somewhere and it’s being covered up bye the local scumbags sherries department because of illegal activity and money do your freaking jobs and uphold the law like you took an oath to do lastley I boldly is Darrel Odom and I think all ya should be fired or put in a hole on that same ranch no good sonsabitches if I’ve attended anyone with anything I’ve said to bad f ,,,k you

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