15 thoughts on “Three new COVID-19 deaths — all victims under 50

  1. So when you say “UN-VACCINATED”, is that people that have had 1 vaccine, or 2 and then before 2 weeks after the 2nd shot, caught covid, and therefore not counted as fully vaccinated? And how obese were they? Taking drugs? Alchoholic? TELL THE TRUTH. THE LIES ARE GETTING OLD.

  2. Unvaccinated means just that. Partially vaccinated is the term used before you have received both doses. As per the article comorbidities have not been released. THE LIES ARE GETTING OLD!

  3. Interesting that people who are unvaccinated are sick. Is that a wilful choice, risk? They are at a higher risk to get more ill, possibly die. People who are vaccinated seem to be at less risk and in general are recovering easer.

    Also. Everyone can carry the virus so we really dont know who someone is getting the virus from.

    Ultimatly we are back to were the mask, be smart about where and when we go places, wash and distance from otheres.

    • See Israel that are mostly vaxxed and you’ll see they are getting sick because the fake vax they took is for the original strain, NOT for Delta. However, those recovered (millions upon millions) have immunity towards ANY variant that arises.

  4. 2 years ago how many people died from the flu? Are the numbers comparable?
    Let’s not forget folks, these are “covid-related deaths” not death by covid. Many many preexisting health problems play a huge role here but they fail to mention them!!
    Oh, and since there is no way to test specifically for the delta variant how do they know that’s what is taking folks down? Hmmm?
    Just once id love an answer from a credible reader and not simple guesses or opinions, but facts!!

  5. Remember the days when so called news reporters frantically put out articles whenever anyone got the flu? Me neither… the fear mongering is nauseating and a complete disservice to the people.

  6. Over two million people in Israel have gotten a booster while in Mendocino only 54% are fully vaccinated either with one J&J or two of Moderna or Pfizer. Israel did experience a third wave after they removed all restrictions even thought they were 70% fully vaccinated. Because of boosters or the third jab, the numbers are dropping and they are opening the country to foreign travelers again.

    Here in Mendocino unfortunately too many people thing wrongly that this is just the flu. Young people’s lungs don’t fill up with the ordinary flu nor do they go on respirators or hand in commas for two months between life and death. If you are on the fence, jump and get jabbed.

    • Loser Lorenzo is scared of a little shot and believes Russian propaganda! Was that as fun for you as it was for me? 😉

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