4 thoughts on “Mendocino County sees fourth death from Covid-19 in four days, per public health department

  1. How are Hospital covid deaths determined?

    Did the deceased die
    ‘of covid’ or,
    ‘with covid’?

    Important info for readers to know if underlying conditions were present in the death(s).

    What incentives are applied when Hospital determines a death was due ‘to covid’ rather than ‘of covid’.

  2. FDA “full authorization” of Pfizer covid vaccine BROKE THE LAW in numerous ways, agency now complicit in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY
    08/26/2021 / By Lance D Johnson

    The vaccine industry’s stranglehold over the US government has never been more blatant and unashamed. With the “full authorization” and licensure of Pfizer’s experimental series of mRNA inoculations, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just subverted their own federal regulations and gold standards, while ignoring the vast amount of injuries reported after inoculation.

    The FDA is violating multiple principles of medical ethics and is complicit in crimes against humanity after approving Pfizer and BioNTech’s new drug, Comirnaty. For eight months, this so-called vaccine has ravaged the health of the nation, with 3,033 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis, of which 1,335 came directly from the Pfizer shot. A shocking 8,396 blood clotting disorders were reported, of which 3,586 reports were attributed to Pfizer.

    This drug company is also responsible for 44 percent of the 126,905 reports of anaphylaxis and over 200 cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Pfizer is also responsible for 1,300 cases of Bell’s palsy. Tens of thousands of people have been sent to the emergency room because of these injections, with over 17,000 permanently disabled and over 13,000 pronounced dead after taking the shots. This holocaust is happening in the young and old, as the spike proteins congregate in vital organs and cause inflammation in the cardiovascular system.

    Pfizer and BioNTech are damaging human immunity and inflicting widespread pain and suffering, and the FDA is complicit.

    I add Crimes Against Humanity (including media reporting) may lead to asset forfeitures, and more serious repercussions.

  3. I Googled the article quoted. It’s from naturalnews.com. Here’s another quote from the same article: “This EUA [for the Pfizer vaccine] is illegal if there is an alternative treatment that is considered safe, effective and readily available. Millions of people have recovered using early anti-viral, immune-modulating treatments like ivermectin, budesonide, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin D, etc., but the science has been suppressed.”

    Ivermectin is the anti-parasitic drug used on large farm animals.

    • Ya Alberta either believes anything on the internet or is a commie troll…either way there’s nothing to see.

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