Fort Bragg’s Citizens Commission wants input on changing town’s name


7 thoughts on “Fort Bragg’s Citizens Commission wants input on changing town’s name

  1. As the feel-good effort to change the name of Fort Bragg to something more in keeping with the national mood comes to its conclusion, remember your work is not done. The commission will also need to purge all historical references to 1864, when the Bald Hills War ended, the Indians who resided here were forcibly moved to the Round Valley Indian Reservation. The library will need a complete purging of all insensitive reference material like this and it might be quicker to just have a large book-burning bonfire next to the library. Book burnings work better at night, they are more fun with sparks flying way up into the air. Check out the newsreels from Germany in the 1930s. Great fun…all ages.

  2. The photo that is used in this news report is biased and it does not represent the feelings of others in the community of Fort Bragg. It appears that the intent of this article is to guide the thinking of readers. Both sides of this important issue needs to be represented in both words and in pictures and not just one side or view.


    The people of Fort Bragg are outstanding and upstanding citizens.

    They built a magnificent logging and fishing community.

    Fort Bragg is a melting pot of cultures from many different countries; Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Russia, Native people and many more…They NEVER had slaves in Fort Bragg. They NEVER celebrated slavery in Fort Bragg. They celebrated hard work and they respected each other. We are a proud people and proud of our town.

    The people of Fort Bragg are good and honorable people.

    Our history, culture and heritage should *NOT* be destroyed by any cancel culture activist or any other destructive interest.

    Fort Bragg represents over 150 years of proud people with a great heritage and history of hard work. They created a thriving community that many are envious of. It’s a special niche in a tumultuous world.

    Fort Bragg’s heritage should not be destroyed nor ignored by those ignorant of the contributions of these fine men and woman and the magnificent town and community that they built.

    The town of Fort Bragg should stay
    Fort Bragg California.


  4. I see that you did change the biased photo that earlier featured this article. Instead you replaced it with a picture of Braxton Bragg, a person that never set foot in the town of Fort Bragg and you repeat a history of this man that cannot be proven.

    There were never any celebrations of Braxton Bragg in the town of Fort Bragg.

    There were celebrations of the hard working men and women that built Fort Bragg, a spectacular logging and fishing community. There is absolutely no mention of these town creators in this one sided article. There is no discussion of the proud people of Fort Bragg and their contributions to our community and to the world. Descriptions of the great Fort Braggians are completely missing in this article. These people are Fort Bragg and represent Fort Bragg.

    This appears to be a special interest group article driven by their agenda and an agenda that is NOT supported by the people of Fort Bragg.

    If you are a real journalist then write about the people and contributions of the people of Fort Bragg and the fascinating history of the town of Fort Bragg California.

  5. I see this as a tourism opportunity. Change the name to Jerry Garcia City and
    sponsor festivals. I am not from Fort Bragg I am from Nashville, Tn.
    This could be a positive change!

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