Forest activists hold prayer circle for Pomo, Cal Fire tour nixed


6 thoughts on “Forest activists hold prayer circle for Pomo, Cal Fire tour nixed

  1. Wow, great pro-activist piece Frank. Have you ever heard of the expression “too much information”? It sounds like the tribal representatives just couldn’t admit they had a schedule conflict and set a later time or date. You can’t blame Cal Fire reps for not wanting to go into an activist mob. I personally avoid all mobs myself. But it sounds like they had a particular agreed to plan for this meeting and the tribal representatives tried to change that. I thought it was gracious that Cal Fire reps agreed to delay meeting to the afternoon. Someone is not taking “Govnmt to Govnmt” talks seriously.

    • You sound like another armchair pundit who has had no personal involvement in the matter but are cock-sure of your assessment of it. I’ve been in meetings and prayer circles with many of these folks, and we have always been respectful towards all, including those who oppose us. Most of us have had training in non-violent response to aggression, whether verbal or physical.

  2. A mob? Haha. A mob is a large disorderly gathering “intent on causing trouble or violence”. I went knowing it would be a peaceful gathering and would not have gone if I did not trust that knowing. The people there were my neighbors, friends and community members who are concerned citizens exercising what democracy calls them to do. Speak up and show up. All were peaceful and would have shown respect for Cal-Fire representatives.
    Business as usual isn’t what we need as we hurtle into climate disruption on a massive scale. The science is behind these folks…these trees need to stand for life.

    • They already wiped out 90% of the redwoods according to my knowledge! Isn’t it time to find a different building material? Or will they start thinking about that after the last grove is destroyed. The history of endless stupidity hasn’t taught them anything. Can’t they see the horror in this world they have created? Blind to everything but money. Cal Fire you should be ashamed.

  3. They (activists) are damaging the land just with there cars trucks and cell phones. There are other issues we are faced with. The (old) redwoods are nearly gone now . Skeleton forest

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