Focus on a livable, pedestrian friendly Ft. Bragg (letter-to-the-editor)


2 thoughts on “Focus on a livable, pedestrian friendly Ft. Bragg (letter-to-the-editor)

  1. I think Ms. Kaczorowski is onto something here. I totally agree with blocking future big box stores. They do not help communities thrive, but in actuality hurt the local economy. We all need to support our local community businesses, retail stores, restaurants etc. without the big chain stores interfering.

    But what is also needed is a focus on bringing in outside monies through some means. Therefore, the city should also support tourism. With minimum impact on us, tourists come to enjoy our city, while leaving their money.

    The timber and fishing industries are all but gone. The mill is gone. The abalone are gone. The salmon are on the cusp of extinction. Fort Bragg is at a breaking point. Consider mountain biking as a healthy form of tourism. It is a multi-billion dollar industry looking for places to exercise. While the rest of the US economy is on the skids, biking has only exploded in sales.

    Mountain biking tourism has saved many communities around the country. Oakridge OR was once a thriving hub for the PNW US Forest Service headquarters. The two mills there shut down in 1985. Consequently, the town died until bike tourism resurrected it. Moab UT had a similar death knell when the uranium industry failed in the 1960’s. Now it is an economically flush community based upon tourism, specifically mountain biking.

    Millions of dollars come in from this clean industry. We already have most of the infrastructure in place. Motels and trails (125+ miles!). Please consider promoting biking tourism and the trails in the Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF). See how Park City UT does it. For its own benefit, the community of Fort Bragg should support the currently growing community movement on the Mendocino Coast aimed at preserving the western sector of our fantastic JDSF redwood forest (largest state forest in CA) at 48,652 acres! This sector contains 80% of the recreational trail network in the JDSF. It could be the bread and butter for Fort Bragg’s viable future.

    Roo Harris
    author: “Mountain Biking the Mendocino Coast and Beyond”

  2. Environmentally sustainable tourism is definitely a way to go. Many years ago some of us tried to pitch the county to take over LP’s (Louisiana Pacific Corp.) lands at least in Mendocino County and turn it into a non-profit sustainable enterprise for leasing out sustainable recreation, camping and restorative areas and 60-100 year selective and careful rotation logging. Then came The Fisher Family of The Gap Inc. and their Mendocino Redwood Company.

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