Four more deaths from COVID-19 in Mendocino Co.


4 thoughts on “Four more deaths from COVID-19 in Mendocino Co.

  1. A lot more people need to stand up for their rights as law abiding citizens and go to the courthouse and request a petition for filing paperwork to sue the sheriff’s department and the jail and sheriff Kendall for not locking down Mendocino County and the due to a threat of Corona virus outbreak that is ran rampant all over the world, consequently the rest of the world is on lockdown how come sheriff Kendall and the rest of the unintelligent police force that Adam got a high school diploma let alone a college degree can run our politics and our health care procedures and not lock us down when that was mandated from them, I’d like to see a lot more citizens at the courthouse it’s only $70 to file a petition and you can at least get 10 to 2 million Let me know my phone number is 707-234-9913

    • Obviously lockdowns don’t work. We don’t live in an area that allows such lockdowns either. Thanks to sheriff Kendall for protecting our rights.

    • While I certainly sympathize, I dont understand why everyone feels like death is a bad thing. Its part of life, and there is NO getting around it. Its is 100% something to celebrate, cherish and make the most of with the short time we have here, and we are LUCKY to have the opportunities we do. Even IF we have stupid obstacles in our paths…. Please dont fear death. Its a rebirth at the very least. Enjoy this life. Even if it sucks. Matt Kendall is a good feller. My hats off too the guy.

  2. We hope that vaccinations will come to all of us, but that is not the only remedy to this virus. Though we need the vaccinations and hopefully soon we can all get them, we can still do much by wearing masks, socially distancing at a minimum of 6′, by washing our hands frequently and be mindful of those around us when we are out in public to ensure safe distances away. And above all, stop gathering in groups without wearing a mask and that includes all members of your family and social circles. You can’t keep track of everyone’s behavior. You never know where they have been or who they have been exposed to.

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