Fort Bragg declares “stage 2” water emergency; residents must cut use by 20%


10 thoughts on “Fort Bragg declares “stage 2” water emergency; residents must cut use by 20%

  1. It would solve two problems if tourists were not allowed to come here during our water shortages and a pandemic. Tourists largely do not abide with mask wearing and they don’t care about our water shortages and our need to conserve water. Desalination would be a great way to get around it, but it is costly.

    • Since the primary occupations in Fort Bragg are in the retail, food and accommodations sectors don’t you think eliminating tourists would be a bit short sighted? Sure you’d save water, and eliminate about 40% of your available jobs at the same time.

    • a move away from tourism is the solution. going to take time and organizing. create the jobs it takes to keep a community thriving. instead of jiving for people who pass thru, hoping they tip enough. a desalination plant would create jobs. atmospheric water generators work too. there are ways forward that benefit everyone. plenty bumps in the road ahead though

  2. I always wondered why they hadn’t started to collect atmospheric water. There’s such an abundance of fog, it would be a lot more sustainable and no salt.

  3. You need to specify CALIFORNIA in the headline because the “Real” Fort Bragg in North Carolina haz has wayyyyyy above average rains this year.

  4. Tourisms is the life blood to the economy of Fort Bragg.
    While fishing is a large source to many that live there. Not all residents benefit from it.
    Your city cannot rely solely on surface water. There are way too many variables that effect it.
    Drilling wells is the only economical solution.

  5. Wasnt there a $3m+ project recently started for a complete overhaul of our city’s water system?? Or did those funds vaporize into thin air like in the past….? Always remember the 6 P’s. Proper planning prevents PISS POOR performance. And there MUST be some reasonable explanation to the LOW FLOW situation of the Noyo, and it aint climate change. Get a flippin clue.

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