Newsom shuts down bars, indoor dining statewide — Mendo on precipice of more restriction — 14 new cases, COVID count at 146


7 thoughts on “Newsom shuts down bars, indoor dining statewide — Mendo on precipice of more restriction — 14 new cases, COVID count at 146

    • Because he is evil. Psychopaths commonly grin when they’re “having their way” with victims. Bill Gates is another one, smiling (or even giggling) while talking about gravely serious matters.

    • Gov. Nuisance is happy that his winery isn’t failing like all the other businesses he has shut down.

  1. 146 identified cases of CONVID-19 over about four and a half months since the first few were tested in Mendo County. The seemingly precipitous upsurge is because more people are being tested. One unfortunate death of an 80 year old man (who may or may not have died from C-19), very few hospitalized, most recovered, many had no symptoms… kinda like an ordinary flu year. Meanwhile the deaths nationwide—in spite of pumped up numbers attributing every fatality to the virus—have been diminishing. But be on the lookout for the next “wave,” which will be exacerbated by 5G as they continue to roll it out as fast as they can. (The viral hot spots occurred in cities and regions where 5G has been fully implemented, and the countries with no 5G have had hardly any cases.)

    • Be careful buying into the “5G is causing/making worse COVID-19” hoax. It’s deliberate disinformation to make those who advocate it look stupid.

      Many places with very serious outbreaks (e.g., most of Iran) do NOT have 5G, on any frequencies, deployed.

      Further, most “5G” currently is using the same old UHF TV bands repurposed for advanced 4G LTE (e.g., 600MHz/700MHz). The potentially dangerous mid- and high-band 5G frequencies are still very limited in deployment.

      Right now, we’re seeing an erosion of the truth possibly unprecedented in human history. Along with the government-approved conspiracy theories and idiot cult propaganda, we’re seeing A LOT of deliberate misinformation from phonies claiming to be “helping us.”

    • I got my information about the relationship of 5G to disease hot spots from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, who backs his data with sources. There is a difference between “causing” and “making worse” and, telecom industry claims to the contrary, there is a mountain of research corroborating the deleterious effects of RF/EMF on biological entities. I have a heart arrhythmia that ramps up around high EMF fields. Dr. Klinghardt also has data showing that the worst cases are in countries that chlorinate the public water supply. There are probably other contributing factors, including glyphosate, mercury, etc. There is no doubt, though, that 4G has had an extreme effect on both mental and physical health, and 5G will take it far beyond.

      There are definitely agents provocateurs trolling the Internet, but keep in mind that the intention is to plant in people’s minds the notion that a plausible claim about anything (vaccine toxicity, terrorist attacks, nuclear radiation, etc.) is just wild-eyed hysteria. Add further ridicule comparing the claim with a dollop of flat-earth theory and alien abductions and the whole postulation is dismissed as silly conspiracy twaddle for weak minds. As always, the truth must be separated from the chaff.

    • Marilynn B:

      Hi again,

      I respect that you have well-researched the topic.

      The fact that microwave radiation (including mobile telephony) induces both physical and psychological effects is well-known, and the latter has been well-known since the Russians aimed microwave antennae at the US Embassy in Moscow in the 1970s (anxiety, depression, and worse). So I definitely agree with you on that. Microwave radiation is emitted ubiquitously by industries that represent hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide, so real science on its effects is definitely going to be suppressed and opposed rabidly (we both know that). But enough is out there that tells us it’s not good for us, and, the talking point about “microwaves are not ionizing, so they’re harmless” has been demonstrated to be utter BS.

      I work in IT, have a long history with IT, have a Master’s in a related field, and have long experience with telephony (hard line and mobile). I reject the 5G theories since I have closely followed the actual deployment here in America, and worldwide. The effects of current 5G are identical to that of 4G LTE, and close for previous mobile telephony deployments. I have not seen any evidence of correlation between 5G deployment, on any bandwidth (low-, mid- or high-), and when I have done cursory research, the theory was disproven entirely.

      Personally, I think the accelerated rollout of 5G right now (which I have also noticed) involves creating the infrastructure for Total Information Awareness (a StasiNet to monitor everything we all do all the time), rather than causing or exacerbating disease.

      As for the increasing numbers, of course we are going to see lots more “positive COVID-19 cases” if testing is greatly increased. What we do not see is an increase in the death rate – and if the media were honest, they’d point that out. I wish an antigen test were reliable and widely available, because it would put an end to the nonsense about SARS 2 being this uniquely dangerous pathogen. Almost certain a majority of folks will be positive for an antigen test, since we’ve already been infected.

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