6 thoughts on “Salmonid counts below replacement level in Eel River, CDFW announces

  1. I’m pretty sure coho salmon has been endangered in California and illegal to fish for since the 90s. We didn’t participate in the OR/WA rehabilitation program and our rights to fish are off limits. There is a typo above that should say king salmon/chinook salmon are off limits from horse mtn to fort Bragg —if you fish for coho and get caught be prepared for some major consequences.

    • That is correct. Coho have been off limits to both sport and commercial fisheries in California since the 1990s.

      Chinook salmon are closed to commercial fishing between the Oregon border and Horse Mountain, not between Horse Mountain and Fort Bragg.

      And the two fish daily limit in the sport fishery isn’t a new thing this year, it’s been that way for awhile

  2. Scott Dam that forms Lake Pillsbury has been in place on the Eel River nearly 100 years and is NO way a part in the declining numbers of fish counts. Many of the highest and most impressive fish counts were recorded after 40 years of Scott Dam being in place and into the 70s and 80s fish counts continued to be very good. The most recent excuses relating to the decline in counts is NOT due to the placement of Scott Dam and by removing the Dam as being proposed will not have any change to increase fish populations. The distance from Scott Dam to the Pacific Ocean where are the fish counts, what are the conditions where the Eel River empties to the Pacific, what is the count on the strip mining with nets by the commercial fishing industry, what chemicals have been flowing into the Eel River for said distance?

    • So there are fish counts from before when the dam was built that you are comparing the number of fish to, or are you just worried about your lake house?

  3. Sorry for my ignorance, newish to area. Has Mendocino County ever done a logging moratorium for a few years to see if that helps the fish? Seems like the fishing industry always takes the hit — I know logging jobs are important too but timber harvest so tough on the watersheds & creeks & streams….any hope to give the forests a rest for a bit? Or is that a total political/economic nonstarter?

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