One thought on “New mandate requires Californians to wear masks in public settings

  1. I do not know where these privately owned for profit corporations are getting their non-fact information from but in my medical community it is quite the opposite of their political based information and they are spreading incorrect information. Face masks and coverings are now deemed a virus in themselves and people should not even think about wearing them unless they are sick and in that case, should not be out in the first place. This spreading of false information has gone too far and I challenge Gavin Newsom and the Health Department to show the Science behind their statements. They can spew their lies and we are going to follow because they say so? You had best give me many reports and test results to convince this community before they are going to take my livelihood away!
    Since it is backed by no proof or information and I will do nothing just because they say so and no law says otherwise. Gavin Newsom has no authority to make any mandates to private persons. He may only make them to state agency’s which the health department is not one. Just because you put state in front of a title doesn’t make it so. They are paid by the CDC which is another private for profit organization that has Monetary gains to secure.

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