Graduation parties, church service cause spike in COVID cases — 6 new cases, 53 total — If you think you may have been exposed, free testing is available


One thought on “Graduation parties, church service cause spike in COVID cases — 6 new cases, 53 total — If you think you may have been exposed, free testing is available

  1. If you witness a loved one or good friend being emotionally abused, day after day, week after week, do you just keep your thoughts to yourself? Do you pretend it’s not happening? It is it moral to just ignore the obvious harm? Or do you intervene, and stop the abuser?

    Right now, Doohan and her fellow “experts” up the command chain and across the country are doing just that: abusing our loved ones and friends. They are terrorizing vulnerable people, lambasting those who have struggled through the worst three or four months of all of our lives. We cooperated to “Flatten the Curve.” Then the goalpost was moved, and we were told our punishment must continue.

    Do we just ignore that Doohan and fellow “experts” ARE those abusers of loved ones and good friends? Do we just “comply” because they claim to have “authority”? Is it moral to watch individuals, families, communities be emotionally and economically destroyed by this? OR DO WE PUT AN END TO IT?

    Doohan claims to be a medical doctor, and while she may have the pieces of paper establishing that, it seems she is willfully ignoring the catastrophic psychological effects her “orders” and shaming are having on most of us. Is she unaware of these effects? How could she not be, since so many experts of a different sort, both psychologists and psychiatrists, are pointing out what these lockdown/”social distancing”/”face coverings” “orders” have done and continue to do to tens of millions? Surely she is aware of the hard facts that COVID-19 simply is not a virus that will kill millions. Why continue the charade of it being an alleged “apocalypse” if we don’t do exactly as we are told? At this point, it’s very clear that the possibly-irreparable harm to people’s emotional health greatly outweighs the real, bonafide, scientifically-valid worst case scenario of COVID-19. And with minimal infection control measures, that worst case scenario isn’t even in play.

    Is her agenda naive? Is her agenda evil? Her further actions will tell.

    Not one death in Mendocino County due to COVID-19, and it’s likely there won’t be. And less than 100 TOTAL cases of infection?! Seriously? You still pretend this is the Black Plague without treatment?

    Is she listening to us? Is the “leadership” of this County listening to use? What will it take to make them listen to us?

    Are we to just watch our families be injured, sometimes gravely, by this continued “The virus! The virus! Do as we say or else!” bovine excrement? How much more are we expected to just “take”?

    Those who are evil generally do not stop, until they are stopped. I hope the “experts” dictating to us like any Soviet tin-god bureaucrat choose not to be evil.

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