2 thoughts on “Meet our new environment and natural resources reporter!

  1. Welcome, Lana. You’ve arrived in one of the Last Great Places. You’ll discover that you’re among lots of Easterners, Brooklynites and city people of many stripes. Your beat, environment, is uppermost here. Logging and fishing, our mainstays for the generations before this one, still hold dominant positions in the regional consciousness.Now, here on the coast, we’re a tourist destination. The same twisty roads you found prevent us from being overrun. City people get spooked by these dark, winding highways. Bears and bandits.

    I don’t doubt you’ve already noticed that we have a commodity New York mostly doesn’t: starry skies. If you’re a sky-watcher, you’ve already discovered that the streak of dim clouds across the night sky is not clouds. It’s the Milky Way, the rest of our galaxy, now invisible to most of humanity. On clear, moonless nights you learn that the faint light of stars is sufficient to see by without a flashlight. You can walk outside without a light (after your eyes adapt). On that score, by the way, there are “headlights” you can slip on to light up the dark while leaving your hands free. Rechargeable’s best. Enjoy the experience of darkness. Our bears are very shy. Mountain lions, too. Animal attacks on people are rare. Also, you’re not likely to get mugged.

    Notice when a wave breaks on a rock, the foam quickly vanishes. Where the water is full of soap residues and other human additives, it’s not like that. The “suds” in agitated water remain. Here, no. Clean ocean.

    As to our cultural goodies, they’re somewhat dormant because of the Plague. They’ll be back.

    • Thanks for the warm welcome, Mitch. Mendocino really does seem to be spectacular. I can’t wait to explore more.

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